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Hey hey I made it to ruby again.  (Hard work for me.  I have no clue how people make it to emerald let alone that new black one.)  AND.... finally won a new hat.  My favorite prize of all is adding to my hat collection.  Especially GOOD ones.  (A few I will never use.)

The adorable rat on the big chunk of cheese.   I LIKE IT!  

Animation is not as funny as the rat with the exploding barrel of black powder.  That one cracks me up every time.  But I like my cheese rat just the same.  Daughter had pet rats, which are actually very good pets.  So this one is extra special.

Artists did a great job with this round of hats.   (Though the furless cat is icky, just my taste in cats, they need fur. But even that one is cute.)

Anyway thanks for the great artwork.  


Wish we had more selection in the stuff we can buy though.

Need more glove (or shirt) colors, need more pins,  more give away stuff.  Seasonal items would be nice, give away candy canes on Christmas, or Egg nog drinks, Turds to toss at whiners, like emoji poops.   Nothing gross.  We need more.  Sick of the same boring stuff.  Even just adding some beverages would be nice. 

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I agree about the poop emoji.  Patrick Stewart has made it popular.  Some may think it to be softserve chocolate ice cream.  Have both chocolate and vanilla.

What I send to the jerks at the tables are kisses.  They are such jerks, that they know why I am sending them to these jerky  people.

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