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Some time tonight, I went to play a last few games and I can't.   Left the window minimized, been a few hours, came back to it and all the animation was frozen.

So ok, this seems to be a recent thing, reloaded the page.   And now I get an error, "bad gateway."   what ever that means.

Tried quitting Opera and relaunching, got the same error.

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Ok, first it's working now.  

Second NO I HATE STEAM!  Besides I'd lose all my stuff, whole other account on steam.  I don't like using that site at all.

Lastly, try this site some time.    Your site was down for everyone, not just me.  That's a great site to use to find out if it's a browser, cookie, other issue on my end or if the site is just plain down.   Yours was down.


But it's up now, who ever kicked the plug must have plugged it back in.   lol.

Let the games begin!

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