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The next release will include the option to enable auto top-off in all Cashgames saloons!
After each round, the auto top-off feature will refill your chip stack to the amount you brought to the poker table.

You will be able to change your gender, this option will be available in the inventory.
We have also made all the hats available for male & female characters!
Check out the new hats that are available for you now!

We wanted to create a smoother experience in poker and people have been requesting this feature for a long time so we included the  "Call current bet" pre-decision option.
We also received a lot of feedback from players that they clicked "fold" while trying to click a pre-decision button. We solved this by introducing more animations in the poker interface, there is a small delay now that prevents you from clicking the wrong button.


This is the official release of our forums and we can't wait to hear your feedback!

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@up Quoting whole posts is redundant...

Dear Youda, please start making game more keyboard and mouse friendly. For example, there are almost no keyboard shortcuts (you can't choose "fold" and similar options with keyboard).

Also when visiting shop, and trying to scroll, it's sooooooooooooo slow. It takes about 12 scrolls to get to bottom. (Even though there is only one thing below, that needs scrolling to be seen). Let me screen it for you:
Before: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beridok/screenshot/847088460837615052

After 1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=946111869


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Problemas : si juego por la página de Facebook no veo las imágenes de los avatares y si utilizo FACEBOOK GAMEROOM no puedo escribir en el chat ...

Comenzó el TORNEO DE VERANO ... y el TORNEO DE INVIERNO para la otra mitad del mundo ???  

Los felicito y agradezco por tanto tiempo de entretenimiento sano. Saludos cordiales


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Hi Alicia,

Thanks for the feedback!
The image not loading is due to a legal issue, where avatars are used cross platform. We'll look into it!
The summer tournament could indeed be winter for some in the world :) , this is connected to the Facebook and Steam Summer sales.

Many thanks and enjoy Poker!

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