Todays announcement makes no sense

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So... Today is Dec 14.

Reading announcements for today all it says is...

  • announcement_body_maintenance_1512


So what is that??????

Sure looks to me like someone made a simple website code error.  The "body" part kinda suggests that.  (My code ability is very limited.)


So... is there a TIME OF DAY we might be aware the game will go down?  So don't start one then?  HMMMM

And if that IS just a code error.... I would put it to  you folks, this actually shut me out (and who knows how many more) once before when an update suddenly fixed it so I couldn't even get in at all..  

Code errors happen, I get that.   Lets have a few pairs of eyes actually double and triple check?   OR TEST IT BEFORE ROLLING IT OUT?

Like perhaps someone could have actually READ the announcement before shooting it out?

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