Happy New year and incoming BUG

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Awards not being registered.  Achievements won come up with a spinning wheel when I try to collect.   Had two just spinning away.  Then thought before I hit the collect button I'd quit the browser, come back and see.   And now my awards are GONE.   I had given out 7 of my 10 gifts.   That went back to 0.  Other stuff I won is showing I never did.    So I'm done for tonight.  

BTW... several people in my team had the same issue when I asked.   So please don't come back with clear your history and cookies.  (Which I do all the time anyway.)


Time to find the bug spray.   Or did someone over there have a little too much champagne and kick out a plug?  hahahaha.

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Yes, I had the same problem.  I rebooted several times and the problem remained.  I e-mailed GOP support, but had not heard from them.  Also other team mates said they were having the same problem.  The problem seems to be fixed now.  Thanks for posting this.

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