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Howdy Artmakerjen! We are sorry to hear that you don't like the current poker format available in the new Cyber Balloon Event. Please take into account that you can win at royal poker by playing your cards right. Just be sure to remember that odds and strategies are different for every poker format.

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There is NO strategy to this.  Everyone thinks they have a great hand and throws all in.  I do win a few but it's no fun this way at all.  Just go all in, lose, try again, repeat... eventually Ill win one but strategy?  Non existent on this game.

I thought GOP was always looking for ways to discourage all in play?  This CREATES it. 

Nothing but a  stupid dice game this is.   Just call the all inners, everyone at the table will get a straight, or a flush, or a full house... all great hands.  Just random chance yours will come out on top.

I really wish for all future events you could somehow give us the OPTION of playing royal or NORMAL.

My guess is not many would pick royal.  


Meanwhile, those new hats are totally cool.  I'm losing several tens of millions of chips trying to win one.  


BTW is gop EVER going to make some new hats for the basic shop?  I have all the ones I like.  Sure wish we had more glove colors too.  And more pins to pick from.

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