When can we play big win again?

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In my opinion Big Win is interesting type of "tournament", however, the least liked by me :D

I am thinking about solution myself and I do not have anything solid at the moment...

Maybe just allow one chance? (No rebuys). It limits the money that can be transferred...

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Limiting or eliminating rebuys would have several serious effects. I'm not saying it's not a good idea, but it would require making other simultaneous changes to make it workable

Limiting rebuys would slash the pot size and probably the # of top seats "paid off" under the current structure. It's not uncommon for players to 'splash' 5-10 rebuys hoping to get lucky quick double-ups to a "playable" stack.

Jackpot size is a major limitation for "zero sum" tournaments in all venues. GoP3 currently "sweetens the pot" modestly by adding some gold coins for the very top winners. There are other ways to sweeten the pot": for example. higher winners may get automatic buyins to a higher level Big Win or a special, seasonal, or Las Vegas Tournament. This offers allure beyond the chip value of the buy-in because it offers a chance to see if you can win tournaments that would other wise remain above your bankroll for months or years -- or ever. Many tournament players harbor a secret fantasy that they could be "the next Chris Moneymaker", if they only got the chance to rise out of the style of play at lower stakes. (Moneymaker won a seat at the 2003 World Series of Poker via a $86 online satellite tournament. Though this WSOP was his first live poker tournament, he went on to win the Main Event for $2.5M). As the adage goes "all you need is a chip and a chair".

As a pragmatic matter, most buy-in winners would likely wash out quickly, without affecting the highstakes tournament or GoP's bottom line -- but they'd get the excitement of a shot at the big time.

If we limit rebuys (which may be a good idea to limit cheating) an important goal would be to maintain interest in the Big Win tournaments, despite lower (real) chip jackpots that transfer into the larger GoP economy. This is an advantage of winning a high-stake buyin over a Megaspin: buy-ins are effectively just free tournament chips, not "real" chips. They "cost" GoP nothing under their business model, because they have no value outside the (higher) tournament, and vanish at the end of that tournament.

Another side effect of limiting or eliminating rebuys would be shorter tournaments. People would wash out faster, and be shut out for the duration of the tournament. This can be remedied by scheduling more tournaments -- but scheduling may not be the answer. There's no way to predict early washouts or drawn-out battles, and no one wants to sit around with a big stack waiting for more players to show up. A better solution may be to play the tournament out to the end (vs terminating it at a specific time) and starting a new tournament when a certain number of players have bought in (e.g. 50). Instead of a countdown clock, you'd have a "seats remaining" countdown before tournament start. Players could still join after the tournament begins and seats open up. I'm not sure this is compatible with awarding free seats to higher tournaments. Maybe you'd limit that prize option to pre-announced tournments/times.

Limiting rebuys also means it'll be harder to keep tables nearly full. Normal tournaments address this by reducing the number of tables as the tournament progresses. Even so, normal tournaments have a different life cycle than Big Wins. One plays a different strategy at the early, mid and late stages. This changes the character of the game, but normal tournaments are quite popular, so this may not be a problem. GoP has a much larger active player pool now than when Big Wins began. The change might even ignite new interest.

The current tabling algorithm (deciding when to break/merge tables, where to seat new players, etc.) needs work. You don't want to automatically re-seat players too often or too disruptively -- or dump new players at empty tables hoping those tables will grow. While good heads-up play is important at the final stages of a normal tournament, most tournament players aren't short-table specialists and don't like be dumped into a forced heads-up; they will leave a severely short-handed table, which only complicates this further. This is not an insurmountable issue.

The convenience of coming and going as one pleases is a nice feature of a Big Win over a normal tournament, and should be kept. A lot of players only play in spare minutes, and shouldn't be expected to devote hours at a stretch.

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Ahhh so THAT is why some people have so much money! They cheat! But can't they cheat on other tables too? I miss the tours alot, it's getting a bit boring, I love playing cash games while playing a tour!:) Hope you solve it soon, and perhaps make more big tournaments, where you only have one or 2 buy in, and a final tabel. That would be awesome! Have a great easter. 

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