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 Hi, I was wondering as a team officer, what exactly are my privileges? Am I allowed to accept or decline applications? I have been told this task is part of my duties. Recently, myself and other officers have been receiving the attached error message.

Thank you in advance for your time in this matter!
Respectfully yours,
Mia (therb4u)





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57 minutes ago, Therb4u said:

Your image preview (to get direct link, you need to click on image on your link, then click right mouse button on image and "view image"; after obtaining direct link you can use forum's "insert other media" option (during Editing or writing post), then insert image from URL, pasting direct link there):

Apparently there is a mistake in support's page about what officers can do. Compare this. I think that idea was to give priviledge to officers, but then was scrapped off, but they didn't remove that from the article.

Or, perhaps, this is a bug. Or there are some more rules, to make it work.


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Hi Ines, please forgive my late response. 

I already sent to customer service and have already received their response (under 24 hours as usual). They have very good customer service, quick and easily accessible.

Thank you for your time in this matter. I appreciate it :)

Here is what they said. It's simple explanation really. Now Ines why didn't we think of this? Haha ? 

Hi Mia!

Thank you for the message! Your group is on the invite only. So you and your team members can invite the players to your group but the players can't apply to join your team by themselves, that's why there are no applications. To receive the applications from the users you have to change the settings of your team to "closed". Then you, as the officer, will be able to handle the applications.

Kind regards,



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