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Tech guys, on the youdagame site, there are MULTIPLE code errors. 


I mean if you look on the right side menu, right under inventory, it should NOT read (in tiny text)



This is a simple code error, so far I have not played yet but I've seen these occasionally before and it's just page layout stuff.

BUT... the NEXT TIME someone complains the site won't load or something, please don't start with the clear your cookies nonsense.  THIS is not a cookie error.  Someone left out a tag or put a dot in the wrong place.  

And no one it appears TESTS stuff.  


Ok, get out your fly swatters.



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Well that glitch went away all weekend.... just logged on today, and it's BAAAAAACK. 

TEENY TINY text full of underscores etc.   Raw code showing again.


That new awards bar?  I see

loyalty_jackpot_progress_bar_description   (And that's about the only one large enough to see without enlarging the whole screen.)


Also... something that has been annoying for some time, wish I could post screen shots here.  But after I sit at a table, sometimes, right over the amount of chips I have is some black mark, possibly text, covering the first digit or two of my balance.  It's a mild annoyance but still.  

And sometimes that happens over some other player at the table. 

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