Just HOW do you win a new hat?


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Ok, as much as I dislike royal poker, I went enough rounds to win the ring and several spins.

I don't even SEE those new robot hats on the spin at all.

So how does one win one of those?

I can make it to ruby (with MUCH time and effort, it is work.)   But the last time I did all I won was a stupid christmas bent in half dog hat I will never actually use, and it wasn't even near Christmas.

I haven't tried since.  But is that the ONLY way to win a new hat?

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First.... insert a LONG LINE of all CAPS cussing right here............................


I just won EMERALD for the first time EVER.    And it was tough.   But it's winter, I have a lot of time to do this.  And I love the new robot hats.


Did I WIN a robot hat?  NO!   Spring chickens.   IT IS NOT SPRING!   It is fjpiaghddding FEB!  I have a foot of snow outside.  SPRING CHICKENS????? WTF?


This is the second time I worked my tail off specifically to win a new hat but instead I get some old junk pulled out of the dump.

Last time I got ruby I got the really ugly dog with a rudolph nose.   IN SUMMER!   And I'd never use that poorly designed thing at all.  YUCK.


WHY can't we win the CURRENT prize and not something pulled out of the recycle bin?

Or here's a thought, give US some form of choice?   Pick from this group kinda thing?   We might actually get to win stuff we really LIKE?  AND... your developers might get a clue what is a dud to help them put out better stuff in the future.


Meanwhile my new SPRING hat.   Those were cute, maybe in FOUR MONTHS I  might use it.  


I feel very cheated here.

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Hey, I see no one is actually responding in this forum,  but......

I complained to support





Yup they actually took back the spring recycled hat and switched it for a robot hat.

I thanked them and said please.... for a current event you really should offer the current prize.  Hope that goes to the right suggestion box somewhere.


Meanwhile sometimes (I do try to not complain too much) but sometimes complaining when something is wrong actually helps.   The wrong got fixed, and perhaps the business sees the error and will improve.

Ya know I sold crafts online for years.   When ONE customer took the time to complain about the way I wrap my raw polymer clay, how it was difficult to UN wrap, I took a piece of my own and tried, and sure enough.  IT was a pain.   I changed my packing and made it better.    Without someone complaining I never would have known. 

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Thought a follow up would be in order.   Remember my first post?  When instead of a new robot hat I got SPRING CHICKENS in FEB?


Well... lets see now.  1.Spring chickens,

2. christmas,

3. last summers pool hat,

4. oh the pirate lobster thing ugly hat,

5. and a robot hat AFTER the next challenge started.   IN A ROW!

So far... every one of these (but the last)  contacting support got them switched for the new hat that went with the new event.


Until that last one.  NOW they say "We add new hats specific to each new challenge but it is not guaranteed to get them"


JUST SWELL!!!!!  WHY?   And what are the odds huh?   ZERO out of FIVE so far. 


Know what?   I will NOT be working to get to Emerald and get a new hat early ANY MORE!

The thrill is GONE!  


Oh I still like the game, and can make it to ruby easy enough if I have enough time, but pushing for Emerald only to win some old, recycled, out of date piece of junk everyone has already seen



I really don't get why a new event can't mean a new prize EVERY TIME!   It's not like anyone could possibly win them all.  Two come out, you can only get one.   Then it resets and two more come out and you can only get one.

So what is the big deal here?   WHY would they insist on handing out old stuff?

What ever, not my site, not my rules.  I guess I'll be happy with their recycled junk but I sure don't have any incentive to push for emerald anymore.

Really stupid on their part.


what ever.

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