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  • 3 weeks later...

We have a problem.

For the last.... oh, at least 4 challenges, I do NOT win a new hat.  Emerald twice, ruby a few times, I get a new hat but it's an old one.  Christmas, last summer's pool hats... YUCK!  I didn't go for those when they were new because I didn't like them.


Each time I wrote to support and each time they either replaced what I got with a new one, or even just gave me the new one.  (replacing is fine, not trying to gain extra here.)


BUT... this last round, one support guy (and I will leave his name out of this, sent in a complaint with it to support.)

Anyway he came back saying there is no guarantee we win a new hat.  



NO WHERE in the announcement does it say you MIGHT win a new hat, or you MIGHT win an old left over.

If this is the case, how about odds being mentioned?  They seem pretty stacked since out of well...it's been a few rounds at least.  ALL of the robot session I had to have support fix.  TWICE in the new oriental one now they had to fix.   Suddenly I get it's only a chance you win a new one?


Then I asked my team and at least one person said same here.  Got another stale summer hat. 


So please, what is the deal here?    Are we suppose to get a NEW hat?  So write to support when we don't because there is a glitch somewhere?

OR is this a thing, and if so someone aught to change the announcement AND include what the odds are.   

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