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I noticed that GOP3 has made it more difficult to go on fire at the tables, but has kept the points that same.  It is so hard to go on fire now, you guys should make a goal to get a straight flush.  Also, that lower amount of chips in the one on one does not help the problem.  I thought that it was too quick of a game at the table.  What you are doing is making it more of a bingo player game and there were already too many bingo players.

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I still would like to see the TURD as one of the emojis.  Patrick Stewart has made this socially acceptable.  What I am getting sick and tired of seeing are these people that laugh at me and call me a pussy after winning the last hand in one of the challenges.  It really makes me angry after a while.  You are not anonymous in the game, especially if you use facebook.  What also makes me sick are these people that want to be friends then beg me for chips. 

Any way, the turd emoji would make me happy.  

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This is the deadest forum ever.    But the few of us do keep trying.

So... repeating some...


1.  First my complaint.  GET RID OF THE MEMBERS ONLY REWARDS THAT WE CANNOT GET THAT DAMN ANNOYING EXPLANATION MARK TO GO AWAY!   Either give members only their own rewards board, or tab?  OR put an X on those so we have to see them, then click OFF so they don't nag us forever.   I WOULD NEVER PAY TO HAVE SOMETHING BAD REMOVED!  Rather, when I keep clicking up there (force of habit now) I just play LESS. 


2.  MORE gifts, MORE shirt/glove colors.  WHY can't we unlock a few new gifts if we advance far enough just like getting a hat with ruby?  OR have temporary gift packages, say a bunch of candy for Halloween.  Candy canes and gift boxes for X mass.  Like that.  (And the turd emoji... yea, need turds to fling at those laughers.  lol) We could lose the stupid tiara.

PINS.... really sick of the limited choices.  What about some hat feathers?  Something anyone could use.  More flowers.  And here is a challenge for your graphics team, let US place the things on the hat somewhere.  A few hats are stupid looking with a pin.  They land up on feathers, or like with the top hats, up on top of the thing instead of on the brim like a pin might actually be worn.


3.  Can we PLEASE CHOOSE our seat at the BJ table?  Players (me included) have to jump in and out over and over and over and over until we land on the seat we want.   Other poker sites let you pick your spot.  Come on!

New ideas...

4.  I would love it if I can see in my list of friends, WHO last sent gifts and when?  My friends list fills up and I have a heck of a time trying to figure out who to boot and who not to.   Something simple like "gifted yesterday,  gifted within the past two days, gifted in the past week, etc.   Give us a clue who is active and who isn't.

5.  More pre made phrases would sure be nice.  How about.... (And add to this anyone.)

Bad cards

Kicks dealer

who farted?  (Good one when someone wins a hand and wipes out several players at a time.)

No bingo players here

wish I didn't fold, or should have folded that.

Lucky hand

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We have read your ideas and we will forward them to the right departments. They may put your suggestions into practice right away or keep it for a later update. Your ideas may also be really good, but difficult to make happen, so we hope you understand.
We do try and improve our game and make feature changes based on the many different polls and feedback we get from GOP3 players like you so thank you very much for your input.

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Hey thanks for the reply Laura,   now can you or someone please go find my threads asking about mystery hats I've come across?  I have asked players when one shows up and I NEVER get a reply.   Makes me wonder if those aren't bot players.  I'd love an answer on those.  Even glove colors that are not available.  Last week I came across someones name in a text font NO ONE ELSE HAS.  What gives with that stuff?

Again please go find those posts, I uploaded screen shots to my site since I don't see any way to attach them here.

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Sharing winnings with team option. TEAM BANK feature


Hello Masters of GOP,


I am a team leader, there's days I win hundreds of millions of chips, some days I lose hundreds of millions. I would like to be able to give back to my team, especially the ones who go broke working on team goals. I figure chip transferring is against TOS to prevent people selling their chips.


BUT, what if, you implemented a team feature where you could choose to share DAILY winnings with your team, all 40 of them. Forcing players to share winnings with all 40 players(or say minimum 30) would make targeted chip selling meticulous, expensive, and would probably not be worth the effort. What im saying is, it would be hard to coordinate 30 people for a chip sale and guarantee them an amount of chips when you have to win them(daily) first. 




It would be nice if there were no maximum on the amount that could be shared with the team, just make it solely dependent on the amount of chips profited on a given DAY. I would love to be able to share 200M in blackjack winnings with my 40 teammates. That would give my team members 5m each to go earn us some more team points for the day. It would help the team member turnover rate and keep more players active, and would make the teams so much more fun and engaging.


The idea works like this.. Once you enter the team chat page(or maybe new tab called 'Team Bank'), you would see a button that says "Share Winnings". Clicking share winnings, will transfer your current daily winnings to the team bank. Team bank balance should be viewable, and redeemable once a day (ie. 5pm EST). Unclaimed winnings can either rollover to next day for all players, or be refunded to the player who shared. When a player shares, print a message in team chat; doing the same when someone claims their team bank with an amount claimed. 

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