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Currently, when all remaining players fold to you [i.e. there is no showdown], the default is "Show your cards".

In any real casino or poker room, the default is "Hide your cards". There's an axiom in poker, "you have to pay [i.e. call/bet] to see". This is alluded to several times in the Official rules of the Poker Tournament Directors Association

Either change the default to "Hide your hand" (if no showdown) or add an optional setting "Hide hands if other players fold". [on/off]

You can (and probably should) keep the option you currently display after each showdown. VOLUNTARILY CHOOSING to show [selected] hands is real part of poker strategy/psychology. However the current behavior of "show by default" is wrong per poker rules.



Poker Tournament Directors Association Rules (search the rules for "pay to see" and "paid to see" to see speciffic example of this principle.




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56 minutes ago, Stefan GoP said:

Hello @mrsray, we know that not all teams get the 8 chests, but that's ok. It's a challenge , so it's challenging to reach all diamond chests. :)


point being, its not a challenge at all for teams with billions of chips ... and the teams with low chips will NEVER make it ... its not fair challenge or fun for that matter

but I can see you dont think its a problem and will never change, so I just dont care about the challenge any more, its just stupid

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When playing multiple tables you are able to see your current cards in the bottom right of your screen. I suggest also adding the hand indicator text under the 2 cards you see. So for example where the Red lines are you would see text such as 'High Card', 'Flush', 'Two Pair'. I think this is a good feature because when playing multiple tables I normally check the "Call Current" box but i still have to go back to the actual table to see what my current hand is to knwo if i want to raise. This way you can easilly tell what your hand is on each of the tables you are playing on.


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On 12/28/2018 at 3:17 PM, Evh5150 said:

How do they cheat?  I would like to know.  I can say that, compared to playing live, there are more better hands on the site and I m curious about that also.


I do not believe the game is rigged. The game is free-money poker with rampant chip inflation, so many players will often chase anything to the river. Those chases will sometimes pay off. With online poker one sees many more hands than live poker, and especially real-money poker, so those bad beats seem to show up more often.

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I would like to make the following suggestions for a better poker experience. 

- De Sit&Go structure is now that the higher the buy-in, the higher the starting blinds. With other words. The higher the buy-in the more it is just a gamble and less serieus poker. I would suggest to do it the other way around. Make the lower buy-ins high blinds for gambling (which many do already on those lvl's)  and the higher buy-ins low blinds so there is more real play before we get to the fold or all-in end play. 

- Make it possible to open extra table's in a new window so you can see both table's at the same time and play better and faster on 2 table's.

- Make use of the pre-select buttons for checking/folding etc only for 1 betting round. (not stay active like now until you unselect it again)

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