Is the youdagame site down?


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Just a quick follow up, with PRAISE.



Support did email me back, told me the usual clear cookies try other browsers..... (Sorry but that seems to be the go to response for anything anywhere. It never works.) 


Anyway when I hit reply it bounced, "closed."  GRRRRR

SO I copied the case number, sent a fresh letter, said in it don't "close" an issue that isn't closed?

Explained the three browsers I did try, two of which are clear of everything, same issue on all.  (Except firefox crashes trying to use youdagames.)


SO they answered with a direct link to the game and asked me to try.   Worked BEAUTIFULLY. 

THEN they said something like oh, ok we will let the devs know to fix this.  


SO!   All this done inside of a few days, on the weekend no less.  OUTSTANDING!

We all get that mistakes happen.  Trick is being able to let someone know, they they actually fix it.   PERFECT!


My youtube account has been "hacked."   According to them, fixed it once after several MONTHS!  They it suddenly got "hacked again."  That was weeks ago.  Still broken.   So there is the difference between great support that actually fixes issues, and a company so huge even FINDING support is almost impossible and once you get through, they are slow and clueless.   


Your team does a great job.  


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