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Contacting support.... when I try to reply to them it bounces, "issue closed."

So I start another, copying the issue number and pick it up.

THIS TIME I got back this...

"If you would like further assistance regarding this query, please find the email with the subject "Hat, again." or the Conversation ID "550619" and follow up on it."


So just HOW do I follow up on it when it is closed and any replies only bounce?  Even though the email clearly has a part saying "reply above this line"  as if you can reply.   You can't!


Do you have their ear?  Can someone please send me a private reply if that's possible?


I have had in the past high praise for support, but this last round with the stupid recycled hats I keep winning is not praise worthy.

And all I asked back was this.

Are new challenges suppose to award the new hats?  Or is it only a chance of winning a new hat, and if that is the case why doesn't it state that in the announcements?  It should.  Your chances of winning are...... percent.   LIke that.

And now they can't even answer me?  They send me in circles?

(insert glorious and loud cuss words here.)


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