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If anyone cares,

TWO issues.

1.  The new Lucky ~ Badbeat   things.   DUMB to BAD idea!!!!!

First, badbeat is meaningless.  If you got beat everyone will see what you had anyway.  So just stupid.

But lucky?   THIS gives other players a clue as to how much we were hoping to get lucky, when we bet  on basically nothing than got lucky....  EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE FOLDED???  Look.  If you want to see my cards, you  have to pay or call and let them play out.   Without calling my hand, those cards stay hidden. 
THIS IS HOW REAL POKER WORKS!   NO ONE gets to see "ah that player got lucky, bet on nothing, just got lucky."   You want to see my cards?  CALL THE HAND!  Now I may choose to show my cards and sometimes do.   Sometimes I will to show yea I really had the cards so don't feel bad for folding, and sometimes it's so show haha,  that was bs and you bought it...   But it's MY choice to do that.

Now this dumb game will give people clues?   This is a STUPID IDEA!  NO ONE gets to see my strategy here.   Until now.    Now everyone will see when someone was just hoping for the right cards.

Really bad bad horrible idea.  Clearly one come up with by game developers who never actually played real poker!



Next has to do with winning new hats.   I have been consistently winning OLD recycled hats from long ago previous challenges.   First four times support fixed this by giving me a current prize.   But on the fifth round?  Suddenly no.   Now I'm told though we come out with new hats there is no guarantee you will win one.


But ok, their game, their rules.    I can say this much though, my drive to get to Emerald just to get a NEW hat before most others even see them, is out!

FORGET ABOUT IT!   If I'm gonna win something everyone has seen, and sometimes MONTHS AGO even, why bother pushing for Emerald?

No more.  

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Thanks for sharing your feedback ARTMAKERJEN. The main purpose of the bad beat/lucky indicators is to provide additional information on the cards ranks players get.

In poker, a bad beat occurs when a person holds a seemingly unbeatable hands and loses by the river. 

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Yes, I know what a bad beat is.  I have not seen the message saying "bad beat" at the tables that I play at.  I do notice and people have complained that the hand that you lose to at the end of each round is no longer being labeled at the end of the hand.  I personally like that, because it makes it harder for people to learn how to play the game at the tables I play, since the game is more like Pai Gow than Poker.  I earn about 20 million a day at the tables I play.

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Again, telling someone they are unlucky or lucky after winning or losing a hand is a bit pointless.   It's obvious the second the  hand is over.

Meanwhile, what WAS helpful is displaying how someone won.   Flush, two pair... etc.   The cards all vanish so fast after a hand, sometimes I don't catch what they actually had.   And I'm SURE for beginners this would help them learn the game.  But that's gone in favor of some useless dumb thing.    I'm sorry but game developers need to try actually PLAYING the game they are programing. 

I'd much rather see more time spent on game additions like perhaps some more shirt/glove options?  Pins?  Regular hats in the shop? nothing new added to any of that pretty much since I first found this game.  This feature is what makes GOP so unique.  Work on the stuff that works and not stupid stuff that does nothing at all for anyone.

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