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I played slot machine and poker same time... this following pop up... First I was really happy . I thought I won.

Finally I noticed this is just pop up. This pop up kept coming every few mins or chatting.

Please fix this please..... I am going to get heart attack




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OH MY GOD!!! I tryed to give the slot machine a go and thought my bet was 50.000, but it was 50.000.000... and I lost it all on once... I had 80 mils... I feel terrible 'couse it tooke me like a couple of mounths to make all that money... and now with a stupid spin I've lost more than half :(:(:(

Think I'll give the game a brake for now... don't know why I'm even posting this... I know it's not the dev's fault, just a misreading on my part... well, time to get on with my life I guess

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