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On 10/9/2018 at 11:45 AM, Ines said:

Hi guys, sorry for the late answer!


1. Everyone can receive support from the game. If you had any issues, you can simply go to your settings - support.

2. If you are playing on with your email or Facebook connected, we can easily find your account if you lost your phone for example.

3. If you want to disconnect, it is still possible if you follow these easy steps:

4. You can upload a photo by playing on Steam.

5. It is not saved in the internal memory of your phone (only if you take a screenshot directly). If you're using the screenshot in-game, then you can directly share it on Facebook!

I hope I could answer all of your questions! :) 

@mrsray: if you want to apply for the affiliate Programm, you need to fill in this form:

@radiant: many thanks for your feedback! Regarding the private tables in the two first areas, we removed them to investigate the abuse of the function by other players. We still don't know if it will come back. And the next saloon is not only for billionaires, but you'll also see a sneak peek of this new area in the next few days! You can give your suggestions regarding the team challenge in the "Feature Requests" topic!

Hi ines,

Doesn't get the mvp of the event an extra reward?

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Guys, since the last update I'm having a problem with my browser... I use Chrome and the game doesn't load anymore... after I Loggin with Facebook, the screen goes white and it stays this way, and I can't find the problem... Also until now the game didn't load the first time I clicked the Facebook icon, I had to refresh the page 2 times (after I clicked the Facebook icon) for the game to load... I don't know why but every single time I had to do this if I wanted to play the game... But now the game just won't load anymore... Does anyone else have or had this problem? Pls help... I really don't wanna lose all my progress in the game...

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Hi guys! Sorry for the late answer.

We are aware of the issues with logging in to the game with Facebook and the problem should be fixed by now. Sorry about that.

Please contact support if you still have issues logging in with Facebook. Thanks for your understanding! 

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So i was playing a Christmas spin & play for 2.5mil and the game just stopped after one round. It is not a problem because of my computer or internet. I was also able to do other in game things I spun the slothmachine while waiting. When my table eventually  resumed i had already lost without actually being able to play. What is the cause of this problem because it is the first time experiencing that and is there some way to have my money back ?

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59 minutes ago, Dbertoli said:

Why can I not play at a private table with my friends?

GoP3 is so mean, now they disable private tables to all saloon. What's up GoP3, you don't get enough money with the black friday? Don't tell me you disable private table because there are too many governor who transfer money to another count. Now, this is the last step to kill your game. Gop3 always said to have fun by playing poker... But, where is the fun in a game when you can't play with your family nor your friends? This is insane, see how many people uninstal your app and bad comments on facebook. As for me, the boycott is already activated. All my friends uninstal GoP3.

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Hi guys! Private games have been a debated feature in the game and we've turned them off until further notice.

We love the game to be as social as possible and this is the case when everyone plays in the same public saloons.

The new Private Chat feature is a great way to have new social interactions with your friends and teammates. So don't play alone and join everyone at the tables! :D

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