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I can't get into the game on either my iPad or phone.  It gets to the logging in point than the screen flashes and disappears.   I have restarted my iPad and that didn't help.   It was working at midnight last night when the challenge started so.....what do I do?  

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I found this here.


A solution might be to empty your cache if you have an Android device by following these steps:

1 - Open settings menu.
2 - Select "Apps" or "Application Manager".
3 - Look for Google Play Store and tap it.
4 - Tap Clear Data.
5 - Tap Clear Cache.
6- Open App

Another solution can be to upgrade your Android or iOS version.

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Can you log via browser?

Try all simple steps first, including reinstalling, restarting (router and devices), clearing cache, clearing data, changing account in phone (if possible, I do not know about iOS). Also try using different network...

If you could record this behavior, maybe developers could determine the cause... (because loading bar indicates stages that are initiated, I suppose).

Eventually you might try those advices from Help-section...
Someone copied instruction....

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