I will NOT.....


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work my tail off to get to Emerald ANY MORE!!!!!!! Not for a game that dangles neat prizes but when you "win" you don't actually win the prize.   So I will NOT put in the hours needed to "win" a non prize.  NO MORE.


Copy right off the announcements.

"Reach the 8th ruby chest to get your hands on the NEW viking hats...."

I lost count of how many times I got to ruby OR Emerald which gives you your prize immediately, only to get some OLD STALE hat that has already been out FOR MONTHS!  NOT the prize.

There are SIX HATS pictured right on that announcement.  No way possible to win them all, not like they could run out.

Many times over I'd contact support and they graciously replaced it.

BUT then I got a reply that you only MIGHT win a new hat.  NO MENTION ANYWHERE in the announcement that you only have a CHANCE at winning a new hat.   NO CLUE what your odds are.  Clearly they are not very good since I USUALLY get some old thing.


Last week I won a viking hat.  GREAT!  This week?  No.  Spring chickens.  (At least it's actually spring. But this was LAST YEARS HAT!)

So.... the only perk to making Emerald is to be one of the first with a NEW hat.   I can't remember the last time that actually worked for me.


Several people in my team have also complained about this.  One that I know of flat out left.   Great player too.  Disgusted at this bait and switch and I don't blame her.


This is kinda like going to a carnival, seeing some game with huge stuffed animals for prizes, pay up, take your shots, win... then the guy reaches under the counter and hands you something you might find in a penny gumball machine.  WTF?


So... if I make it to ruby, I take a break from this game completely.  Oh I'll check in, collect my free stuff, give gifts, but not play.  CERTAINLY no reason to EVER spend real money to replace all the chips I blow playing hard. I'll NEVER pay for a bait and switch.


Seriously, this needs to be fixed.  New challenge = NEW prize.  Not last years.   Gees. 

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Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! Many thanks for sharing your feedback. We actually didn't communicate that those Hats were guaranteed at all times. However, we'll take into account your precious feedback in order to improve our upcoming communications. Once again thanks and sorry for any misunderstanding. 

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What is going on with the Chrystal Palace mission?  The mission is listed for the Strip, but Chrystal Palace is in the Vegas Area.  This is crazy, when I am good at playing Crystal Palace.  I could finish this mission.  Why are you guys torturing me with impossible to complete missions?


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