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Poker Hand Nicknames - Play like a pro!

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Here are some poker hand nicknames you might not know:D


Pair of Aces: Bullets, Pocket Rockets, Snake Eyes, Batteries, Needles, Teepees

Pair of Kings: Cowboys, King Kong, Knights, Ace Magnets

Pair of Queens: Ladies, Snowshoes


Pair of Jacks: Brothers, Fishhooks

Pair of Tens: Dimes, Dynamite, Audi

Pair of Nines: Popeyes, Pothooks

Pair of Eights: Snowmen, Piano Keys, Racetracks

Pair of Sevens: Axes, Candy Canes, Walking Sticks

Pairs of Sixes: Boots, Cherries

Pair of Fives: Snakes, Speed Limit

Pair of Fours: Sailboats, Magnum

Pair of Threes: Crabs

Pair of Twos: Ducks, Swans


Spade Flush: Digging Deep

Heart Flush: Valentine's Day, All My Hearts

Club Flush: Golf Bag, Puppy Feet

Diamond Flush: Well-Dressed


A-A-A-A-K: Knights of the Round Table

A-A-A-K-K: Big full, The Penthouse

A-K-Q-J-10: Broadway (off-suit), Royal Flush (suited)

Q-Q-Q-Q-J: Bachelor’s Dream


Do you know some other poker hand nicknames? Share with us! :P


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