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If you start a challenge with your team, should you be able to be kicked off? This has happened to me this week and it seems a bit unfair. I logged on today to check how many chests we had won, only to find I had been kicked off and therefore had nothing to collect, despite having contributed to the team total. That can't be right?

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Most teams have a "Required" minimum amount of points earned by each team member during challenges. This number varies from team to team so it's important to ask (before challenge) required minimum (and deadline to meet goal, ours is always within first 48 hrs of start) and consequence if not met. 

I believe it is the responsibility of each team member to know the rules of his or her group.

And yes, in my opinion, it's totally reasonable to be kicked mid challenge for ANY reason if the Team Leader or the Leaders appointed Officers, decide it's warranted.

There are many teams with a wide variety of requirements. You just need to find one suited to your individual play style.

Good Luck to you always! 

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Doesn't sound much like a team to me. I was always in top half of contributors over last couple of month. This week I was sitting around 12th highest out of 35. To end up with no reward, after spending my money/coin, isn't fair.

Ironically, I had just been promoted to Officer last week. Such is life, the rich get richer....


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This happened to my son last week.  He was contributing the minimum amount of points and the leader raised the limits and kicked him off before the round for the chests even ended.  I really did not like this.  The chest challenge had not even ended and they kicked him.  The reason I know about all of this, is that the team was wooing me to join them.  After this, I severed all contact and unfriended all of the people that I was friends with on the team.  To make matters worse, this new team was formed from people that did not like it that our team was winning only 4 chests and they took all of the better players with them. 

I think that it is unfair that someone can be kicked off a team before the chest challenge round has ended.  It is even more unfair that my son could not join my team to play for chests -- the game said that he had already contributed to another team.  He has not played Governor of Poker since and is pretty upset about all of this.  I hope he comes back and plays.

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