Team Service not available. Kicked off

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They are VERY busy ensuring that the basic laws of statistics are observed in EACH AND EVERY played hand, and mainly in each folded hand, so that NOONE will ever believe that this auction platform is actually a scam :)

Oh, they are also extremely busy working on the Big Win tables, they should be ready in a year or 4. Just to make sure no one cheats there, and that they punish the cheaters ONLY, by removing their illegally earned chips.

After that, they'll look into your petty problem :) 


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It's so nice you share so many details about problem... game version, phone details... what you tried to solve issue.  (Yes, this is sarcasm)

First of all, always assume that if nobody else has that problem, it's your device problem - try to clear cache, data, etc.
Try browser version for accessing the team service:

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