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Hello there, same problem as others. :) I went to log in to play today and the World Cup Calendar event is >MISSING<.  I needed only today to have played all days and get the ULTRA spin.  I played a couple of tournaments to see if I would get the credit even though the event is missing on my main page.  I didn’t get credit.  I checked spin now to see if the ULTRA spin was credited, it wasn’t.  I made sure my app on the iPad was updated - it is.  I rebooted my iPad to see if the World Cup Calendar appeared - it didn’t.  I really, really hope this gets fixed as I did NOT miss any days.

PS - Love playing the game, can’t wait for that ULTRA spin & other prizes! :)

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Ines please you can fix the problem?

It's this a f*cking joke? Where is my calendar? 

the chance to win the last package for ultraspin is today gone. I played every day ... what should I do?

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On 06/07/2018 at 1:56 AM, Mike said:

Its not fare guys i lost ma account and until they restore it i miss a day so i wont get ultra spin i claimed every day please at least give it to them wirh one day miss its not fare 

On the bright side,,,,you wouldn't have gotten it anyhoo...they screwed everyone.  

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On 07/06/2018 at 9:17 AM, Ines said:


Hey Governors, The World Cup Calendar is now open! :D 

We have a surprise for you! :) 

If you claim EVERY DAY The World Cup Calendar, you will get an ULTRA SPIN at the end ;)


Actually you will get a stick up your arse and we will count the dollars til the cows come home.   Crooks

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Hi GoP Team3, first of all thanks a lor for this calendar, it was really great. If i can suggest something for the next calendar, is it possible to put a piggy token. (it is mainly for governor who don't play in a team). I got my Ultra spin token july 15. But, this caldendar world cup ends wonderfully with France wiinnig the world cup! ALLEZ la FRANCE, ALLEZ les Bleus, nous sommes champions du monde !!!!! :):):)

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