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I quite like the new BJ format apart from two things.

1. I think there should be a single player mode option - (so one where you can play on your own and even friends can't join).

2. In that mode remove the timer on making a decision, (the problem is that its hard to work with that time constraint when playing multiple tables, which results in losing extra money).


If this 'single player mode with no time constraint' mode were added it would give the option of playing exactly the same way as before the changes were made ..... but with the added advantage of all the new options.

Btw I like the re-grouping of the betting amounts into the four sections, so with a 5m and 100m bet option added.


But without doubt the biggest issue for me with the new format is not having an option to play without the time constraint now. It means that if I get sucked into a couple of big hands at another couple of cash tables I happen to be playing at the same time... BJ then decides to play my hand by sticking me on a 7 or something when the timer runs out. So I end up losing a (potentially big) bet on Blackjack while I'm momentarily distracted by the cash tables. The result is that with this new format I now either have to just accept losing a few big bets on BJ because I was distracted and couldn't play the hand properly, or I am limited to playing less multi tables at the same time to avoid that. Neither option is ideal. It will be even harder to make those BJ time constraints when I end up head2head in a couple of sit and go games I happen to be playing at the same time.

So please consider adding this 'single player - no time constraint mode' as an option. Maybe calll it legacy mode or something, and add it as an extra check box below the one for 'private table, friends only'. 

Obviously I understand the time constraint is necessary in modes when playing BJ with other players on the table. But would much prefer to have the option to play it as it was before  ..... as well as the new options. It seems like that could easily be done.


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1 hour ago, Salvo GOP said:

Howdy GOODKAT! 🤠 We would like to reassure you that we didn't actually remove the option to play Blackjack all by yourself. In order to be able to play Single Player BJ, just be sure to select the "private table" option displayed before entering any BJ tables.

Yes, thank you Salvo. I since saw that friends can only join that table if you invite them. For some reason I thought they could join by clicking on your profile of their own accord so you didn't have control of keeping the table empty.

But unfortunately it still has the timer in that mode ... thats the biggest issue for me.

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12 hours ago, Yamagata said:

Thanks to Salvo Gop.  I tried the single player mode and found it how I like my blackjack.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Glad to hear you are having fun playing BJ. Hope you hit lots of Blackjacks in your upcoming games. Best of luck!

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