Can't rebuy chips in Poker Royal

Yellow Meow

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Yes I had something similar earlier today.

Was playing in Crystal Palace and lost all my chips and it said you can rebuy back in but at first there was no button to do it. Just the message with no 'rebuy button'.

Then after a while the 'rebuy button' appeared but when I tried to click, it said I don't have enough chips (for 5m buy-in) and wanted some USD to buy the chips.

It was then that I noticed my 13.7 billion chips had disappeared!!! and it said 0 chips top left of main screen.

Gave me a mini heart attack coz I was playing BJ at the same time and I thought maybe I accidentally bet the lot and lost everything.

But I was only playing in High BJ (5m max bet) at the time so I thought that can't be right. Since realised that as it's only 100m max bet in BJ it wouldn't be possible to accidentally bet the lot anyway.

So panicking I logged out and then back in again and thankfully all my chips were back.

But there obviously is a bug which manifests now when you get wiped out in Royal Poker. Certainly Crystal Palace anyway.

I'm guessing it might have to do with playing Royal Poker and BJ at the same time, as you can actually take all your chips in BJ (although my slider is set on 100m).

Would be good it devs can look at it because this one is not good for my blood pressure!  hehe :)


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