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First time I ever saw this hat, is it old and long ago retired?  Or something new?  Special?  WHAT?  Rather a beginner player I found this on.



well great, don't know how to put a picture here.

It's a brown hat with a green snake around it.   Never saw that before.

(Anyone got a clue how to put an image here from my desktop?)



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I don't seem to have that option.    Shoot, I HATE using my own website to host images for forum posts but dang it, curious about this silly hat so here.


Oh  holy crap.   Cannot even do THAT?????   "only https" links allowed?  WTF?    This forum service really blows.   EVERY OTHER FORUM I USE lets you upload screenshots. 


Try this.  Just copy the damn link and look.     http://artmakersworlds.com/testing/SnakeHat.jpg



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Well just last night, a new color of glove was seen.   Very dark maroon.  I love it, but where do I find that???? Only two reds available and both are lighter.

Where is all this stuff coming from?   Very old perhaps?  Like original stuff long gone?   Or special stuff for doing what?  Some of those hats were on beginner players.

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