Oh please NO! Tell me this is temporary.


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GOP 3 team..... 


I do get that your trying to entice people to pay.   I do.   I cannot, but I get that your gonna keep tossing up annoying pop ups "upgrading my shop" (RIGHT In the middle of a game now.)

So my clicking that junk out of the way is my cost to play free.   I understand.


BUT....You just added member only perks in the activity board.  So that red explanation mark shows up and I can NOT make it go away.  I USE that board all the time.   Especially with black jack, it tells me when I  hit my 10 or 30 games.   I ALWAYS click that thing as soon as it shows up.  Between hands, I'll go collect what ever to clear that mark.   Now I can't.  And this is such a habit now that the red mark showing all the time is really distracting.   I keep trying to clear it and can't.


This was NOT a good idea.   It's a DOWNGRADE.   Do you think someone will pay to get a DOWNGRADE REMOVED?  Bad idea folks, real bad idea.   Perks... THAT is what people might spend on.

And FYI... what you charge for a spin to collect fake chips or just keys to play free with no actual value is insane!  Cheapest one, on sale now for five pirate keys.  Big deal!

Regular price ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS?  On sale for 24.99.   SERIOUSLY?????  5 bucks I MIGHT actually scrounge up from time to time.  MAYBE.  And that is the cheapest of the "deals."   I might actually spend some pocket change once in awhile, but not the prices your "offering."   Never gonna happen.  If I had that kind of money to blow on a game, heck I have a casino nearby, I'd go there and might actually win real money. 

And now you took away something that was helpful, functional, and fixed it so it's now a useless annoying thing?  Now to make that stop distracting me I have to push the top of the window up out of view?   This was really a dumb move and I sure hope someone figures that out.   


Suggestions..... make a whole other board for member only perks.  Those who are going for them will look.   Those  who do not pay to play won't have something taken away that was useful before.

Please rethink this one. 

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Just one more suggestion,


Put a small X by those perks so people who don't pay can make them go away and clear the red mark.   You would still be enticing people by showing them what they could have by joining, but for those of us who can't, we can still enjoy what we have here.    Might make all sides somewhat happy.


Just one last thought, another game I played a whole lot before I found this, went down the same path you seem to be on now.   More and more junk in our faces that all cost real money.  And perks that MIGHT be worth paying for (And I have spent a good chunk of change early on with them) were few and far between.   There comes a breaking point when it's more of a pain to get past all the pushyness and less actually enjoying a game to be worth it.    After being part of several teams over there for years, I finally walked.

So heed the warning, PERKS worth PAYING for is a better idea than putting more and more pushy garbage in the way.    It's kinda like those little cards that fall on the floor out of a magazine.   First thing I do when I get any magazine is take it to the trash and shake it out.  And too many adds sprinkled in between articles?  I stop buying it completely.   

Please share this with your marketing team.   They seem to be charging down the wrong path.

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Know what?  I love this game, I really do.  But all the pushy junk now.... especially the activity board that I can not clear now, if their plan was to get free players off, it's working.

Once all those member only things start filling my board, I'm done for the day.   Already stopped even trying to get past ruby since new hats turn out 9 out of 10 times to be OLD hats, what's the point?  I get to ruby easy enough and I'm done till the next week starts.    So maybe that's their plan huh?   Get us freebie users to stop playing?  This sure does NOT want to make me pony up and pay.  Give me something worth buying and maybe I could swing a few bucks now and then but NOT at the prices you charge, and now all this pushy stuff?    Meh..... It's to the point now I spend more time clicking JUNK out of the way just to get to stuff I want.   That is not fun.   And the "your shop just upgraded" RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A HAND?????? What moron came up with that idea and thought it would be good?

ANYONE?   Yup, finding other things to do.     This is the exact same path another game did, (totally unrelated to yours.)  But the greedier they got, the more players I watched up and leave.  Until I did too. 

Bad idea folks, I know you said you would share this and I appreciate that, but so far I sure don't see this ever changing.    I've watched so many companies go down this path.  Start out great and go down the path of greedy and stupid.    


PLEASE fix this before it's too late.    Again offer things WORTH PAYING FOR and people will.    Get pushy and people will leave.   It's really that simple.

Go poke them again.


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