Make the explanation marks go away PLEASE!!!!!


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Agh it's REALLY annoying what your people did.   Only paying members can CLEAR the red marks?   I will NEVER PAY to have a BAD thing removed.   I MIGHT occasionally spend a few bucks (literally a FEW bucks) on something good, but NOT to remove some pushy pay or put up bullcrap. 


PLEASE FIX THIS!   At least give  us a way to click an X to clear the member only things after we look.  


Ya know, this alone has caused me to spend far less time on this game.   I keep clicking to clear achievements but I can't.  Tried pushing the whole game window up so that is hidden, at least I don't keep clicking up there.  (Force of habit now.) But that moves my table up higher than I like.   Not a good thing.  So after that shows up I tend to just go.

Do you think that is a good idea?   Come on now.   Someone over there must have flunked basic marketing 101.   IE:  give the customer something they want bad enough to pay to have it.   NOT put garbage in the way so they have to pay to remove it.   Turning the game off removes it just fine.  

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Yes, I tend to agree with Jen on this one. It feels like a bit of an intrusive sell strategy.

The only thing is, I'm quite used to the exclamation marks because I get them on my friends icon for the 5 ghost friends messages I've have for years now. I've mentioned it before!! !!! ....  (see, have some exclamation marks, see how you like it 😉)    

But at least with the friend section -  'ghost comments exclamation mark', it disappears each time I have opened the friends menu. Just comes back every time I log on. 😬

Not so with the daily challenges exclamation mark. It's permanent.

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OH MY GOD!    Here I thought you actually LISTENED TO PLAYERS and got rid of this stupid thing.

Now it's back.


Guess what.  I usually get to ruby.  I DON'T EVEN CARE ANYMORE!!!!!

I keep clicking the dumb thing I got so use to keeping clear and now it's back?  NAG NAG NAG will NEVER GENERATE SALES!  

At least  put an X by it so we can CLEAR IT!   Is that so hard?

It only makes people mad enough TO GO AWAY AND NEVER RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE ELSE!!!!!



Guys stop the stupidity.

How about offering things people WANT? 

Maybe set up a new table only for members? 

Or prizes only members can get?

You know, dangle a carrot, don't put CRAP in the way of people who cant or won't pay to play.   WE ONLY GO AWAY!   How much crap would you wade through before you find some place else to go?

So how long will your PAYING PLAYERS hang around if waiting for a game to start takes more than a few seconds? Lose enough and that's what you will have.


(Yes I was shouting, hoping to get through to the clearly thick headed.)


So I said my peace.    Leaving this game, got other stuff to do.

PLEASE figure out how to offer perks without fouling up OTHER PLAYERS!   GEES.   FIGURE THIS OUT GUYS! 

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