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Hi Shine,  click "Community" (at the right top)2c4d9f514cc8c0f5c59210a724739e675e4bf604-t.JPG.b13511f397228c82f6976a1b8a70434f.JPG-->"Referrals" --> "Refer a friend" --> Send out your referral code (in the top right corner) to your friends --> Your friends play the game and fill in your referral code 

Once a friend has filled your Referral code, they will show up in your Referral menu. You will get rewards for certain levels that these friends reach, for example an amount for reaching level 5. The rewards will grow as the player reaches higher levels.

You can invite as many players as you like and earn from each one of them.


Tell me if you have any other questions.xD

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Referral system is cancer!

Steam threads and guides (them and their comment section) is full of referral codes. Example:

Example 2:

Even one guy entered my team send message "enter my referal code: XXXXX" and left the team.

Also, I had one friend truly referred but because of your silly system, when I/he removed me from Steam friends it got broken and it's no more active...




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