Hats, again.


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Guessing my initial post about this got buried and forgotten about.  Gonna try one more time.

Several hats have come up that I have NEVER SEEN before.  Are not in a shop, and I don't recall them being part of a weekly event.

Today yet another one showed up.  And a slightly different color glove too.  (Only the second time I EVER saw a different glove color, this one was sort of a khaki, the previous was a deep red, darker than the ones we have available.)  I didn't bother fixing the screenshot, the hat was black with a pink ribbon around it.

I could fix the screen shot if needed (remove the players name.) 

Here are the ones I have.... oh and that plain asian type one showed up again today.  

http://artmakersworlds.com/testing/SnakeHat.jpg   >>> I like this one MUCH better than the snake hat we have.




So were those early versions and later retired?  Prototypes?  Gifts?   What???

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