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First, this forum really seems to be dead.   Am I really the only person posting here?  No answers to many of my posts.      Anyway.....



Ok, that being said, the perk to get the 600 point cheast and a free trial of membership is a great idea.  BUT.    with less than 4 hours left to go, looking at the possible things I have left to go for, seems no way mathmatically possible to even get there.   Now math really is not my thing.  Could I be wrong? OH HELL YEA,   But...... maybe not.   Is this some carnival thing?  Looks so easy but not even possible?   Does one have to fill EVERY possible task to do this? 

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Right now, I do not find it a problem to get the 600 point chest.  You just have to play all of the different games from spinning slot to black jack to Headsup Challenge to Spin and Play to saying howdy to gifting my friends at the tables to gifting my poker buddies each day.  If I need an extra 10 point on a specific day, I just spin a mega spin. 

Now watch.  I guess that they will make it harder and I will have to relearn what works...

As it stands, the bottom of the all-time leader board goes up everyday.  I am @3billion chips above that and no matter how I manage to increase my total,, the bottom goes up and I am 3billion above the 250th place!  I am a tight player and there are so many bingo players out there.  In Royal Poker, sometimes its good, like I was at a table and this person would go all in on the initial dealing of two cards.  He would win 1 out of 7 hands.  I would just keep folding until I had what I though was a power pair, but that one out of seven, he would win with 4 of a kind, like 4 10s or draw a Royal Flush.  He did not seem concerned and would keep reloading his chips....  Crazy!

Also, I find that these Bingo players are obnoxious.  I think they are that way because they want you to go on tilt.  So, if a person is like that I just mute him, so I do not have to read his insults.  But, there are people that are just foul and I use the report function.  Someone must be reading the messages, because I never see them again at the tables.

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