what happened to youdagames?


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So I play on a bookmarked page off youdagames.com   But now it automatically redirects.  I'm fine with this, those three STUPID buttons at the bottom of the page are either gone or out of view so yea I don't have to inspect element just to remove that every time.

BUT... on that page are a few other games.  World of poker and GOP2.  BOTH I tried clicking play and BOTH just reload the same page.   I see links to play on google (won't touch anything google.)  OR download on the app store.  Now I don't really want to download a game, don't these play online like gop3?  And why have a PLAY button that doesn't actually play anything??? 


Very confusing.

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On 3/9/2022 at 1:55 PM, armybeef68 said:


Youda Games

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Howdy ARMYBEEF68, Youda Games was acquired by Azerion, so it is now one of the Azerion Companies. Here you can find more information, I hope it is helpful https://www.azerion.com/gaming/ 

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