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My game wont start, ive searched for solutions and upto now ive updated my windows/java/flash.... cleared my cache and reinstalled chrome. none of these worked, so i was wondering if anybody else has came across this issue and found a fix.

My laptop is a windows surface 2 with 8gb ram so i cant see a lack of memory being the issue.

The popup says the following after the login screen when the cards load:

An embedded page at says:

Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.


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while my fix might not be the same as others this is what i found

it was possibly a problem with the game itself at that time....but i played an old game the day before an it ran smoother when i chose to use the integrated graphics on my laptop, i think it may have been a universal setting and i was trying to run gop3 in chrome with that setting aswell.

Once i changed it back to my graphics card it worked 1st time. 

While i dont think it will, i hope this helps anybody with the same issue

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Nah, they're probably working on it, but the problem with the software development industry, generally, is that there's a bunch of talented people who are left out and a lot of talentless that are included in various workforces.

And customer service is a whole other mess with a lot of worthless people being paid a wage to sit and do nothing, usually managers rather than the front line help. 

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