This weeks Changes to GOP3

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I saw another person on this forum talk about how this week's 8th chest challenge ruined his team, and I want to make sure the GOP team hears this. Maybe you guys do not realize the amount of pressure you are placing on poker teams and players. Everyone on my team used to be friendly and nice to each other, and we all played this game for fun. After you guys added the 7th chest, and now the 8th, our team had to implement minimum point rules. It was no longer just playing for fun. People who didnt have enough time to play or didnt make enough points got called out by other players. We argued, some people left, and some people even got kicked off the team. All of this just to complete your challenge, and now we get these horrible rewards... and all 35 team members are unhappy.

I know you want to encourage people to play your game. But you need to consider how your actions are going to affect the community, and the player base. Right now, you look like a greedy, heartless company. Continue down this road and you will kill this game.

The most successful casinos and poker sites in the world are the ones that are MOST generous: They are the ones that take the LEAST rake, give the MOST comps and rewards, and are the most PLAYER FRIENDLY.  The game of poker does not change - The only way you separate yourselves from other games is how well you treat your players.

I hope someone with authority on the GOP team hears this. I want this game to survive. But right now, you are not giving me hope.

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Lame...and it's killed my team as well.  As leader I was tired of getting over 10k points while another player was doing the same and more and the rest were around 2000.   I kicked someone with 500 and took hell for it.   I like winning the stupid chests, but not at the expense of my team giving me grief when I put in a points and promotion plan.     You need to up the anti.....I might do one more week but if it's as the last two...I give up.  

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