[Feedback] The Daily Requirements for the Summer Calender Are Way too High.

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Win 40 hands in two days? 30 on the last day? Any casual player busy with school or work can't possibly come anywhere near that number, and I truly hope that isn't the intent. The world cup calender had it right, win 5 hands, play 5 hands, Etc. 20 hands a day is absurd and should be adjusted before the release. I mean no malice toward the GoP team, but as a casual player  who has spent a few dollars, and is hoping to earn an Ultra Spin by September, this hurts big time.

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I do not understand why they are doing this.  This is a drastic change from the other calendar events.  Before, this was fun.  Now, they are turning it into work.  I agree with you completely.  With these requirements, I am not going to sweat it if I do not get the ultraspin, especially if I do not complete one of the quests, like win 25 games.

A friend and I played a private room match at the poker salon, betting millions of dollars.  What we found out is that there is a 14% rake per hand.  After more than 25 large hands won and lost, I had won 5 million and he had lost 8 million.  The way I see it, there is no reason for these high requirements for the calendar events.  There has to be people buying chips to play this game.

I really enjoyed the World Cup Calendar event.  I am a soccer fan and play on a soccer fan poker team, FC Bayern, the greatest soccer team in the world.  That was a fun event.  This summer calendar is not fun.  I guess we will see how it fares with the GOP3 players.

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Can not get in ... Embedded page issues , AGAIN !!! was locked out for 3 days last week with SAME ISSUE ,;o(

....and no reaction, no apologies....YouDa must be one of those rare companies that just open a huge can of 'new' loyal costumers when they run out....remarkably sad....

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