Careful cheaters on summer Event !

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Hi all,

I just made an event sit & go at 5M and in the table i falled with 2 Bresilian players from the same team (Ale49 and JeehPereira), the team was "Ass" or something like that.
I did not seen at the beginning they played together but after i understood when i was all-in with 1 of them, the other came and launched all-in with nothing only to make me fold, to protect her friend. After that i checked players profile because it was not normal and i saw they was from the same team...
Other thing, sometimes they needed time before to play so i think they were talking on a chat somewhere (game chat or other like Skype, Discord, ... ?). That was 2 cheaters and i hope never fall on them again. Be careful if you see them !

Good luck


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Many players stop to play GoP because there are too many bad changes, and it ruins the fun of thid game. They begin to increase price to play heads up and lower the point when we win. Then, it was the blackjack. And, insane increasing chest with crapy rewards. Now they put 8th chest and they lowered the gold we get. When they were 7th chest, we used to get 81 gold and now with the 8th chest, we get 22 gold!!! More job and less reward, what a joke!

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I understand, i will stop this week-end too. I finish to help my team then ciao... This game make me crazy, i don't take pleasure anymore, they want to make us zombies, and it seems more we play and more we have bad luck. They will play alone their game soon... 

Now i know Governor of Bingo, when i will want to play poker i will not come here... Good luck :)

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