Token xp 2x duplicate for all who reach the 8 chests of the challenge.

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token XP 2x  8 chests  end chest Silve     2 hours

token XP 2x  8 chests  end chest Gold         4 hours

token XP 2x  8 chests  end chest Diamond  7 hours


just an idea for managers, what do you guys think?



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Xp doublers should be the same for all the people, for those who get the minimum and those who get the maximum reward. This is a shame to reduce XP doublers time with your last update. At the beginning we got 12 hours, Then you reduce it without telling us anything to 7 hours. Now you want to reduce again. I am really disappointed and most of my friends to that. You reduce the XP doublers time. But three weeks later, you send XP doublers. With your message yesterday, you reduce again XP doublers, just to suggest us to buy them. Moreover, you suggest us to play in the highest saloon (Sky high, billionnair saloon) to get more XP. But, in reality, it is just a way to lose all our chips quickly. By doing this, you only think to VIP+, and those who can spend more than 100 € to buy your chips. This is just appalling. I know two governor who play in these saloon. They are good players, (level 87 and 118) but they lost all their chips in these tables. LEt 7 hours XP for all people. it's the only fair reward between all players.

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