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Well clearly this forum is almost never actually used.... but I will try.


To the game developers..... the thing I love most in this silly game are the hats.  Your artists do a pretty great job coming up with new stuff.

But this time?  Last week I got the goat gangster hat.  NOT my favorite out of the batch, (actually my least favorite.) And this week?  I GET ANOTHER ONE????? I actually had to look in my inventory because I was sure I got the same thing I won last week but no. All you did was slightly change the colors a bit. VERY slight color change.   WTH?  I know your designers are a creative lot.  This is cheap. 


I'm sorry but this one is butt ugly.   I got the dog hat early on which is cool, he reminds me of the dogs playing cards paintings.  Perfect for this game.   So one I like, one not so much, I can live with that.  But then I get the ugly one AGAIN?  

I'm just glad, after you all started giving out MONTHS OLD hats instead of new ones, (Like some 9 times in a row.) I have stopped playing hard as soon as I hit ruby.  I just lay low, collect my free stuff and go do something else. Not worth the effort and lost chips pushing to get anything past ruby.  So I just quit there. 


And what about adding some new stuff to the shop?  How about some new glove colors, new pins?   New hats one can buy any time?  Nothing new has been added to the shop in years. 

Also I asked, and never did get a reply, to what about hats and sometimes glove colors that are nowhere to be found in the shop, and I've been playing quite awhile now and don't recall any events where these were handed out.

WHERE did these come from?  (there have been more, including some very dark red glove colors I just never bothered saving because well, no one ever answered me. 

(since my computer, for what ever reason does NOT offer any way to post a screen shot here, I plopped those on my own site.   Only way I can show you what I'm talking about.)

So where do these come from?  




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