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What's the prize if you miss one day?  By the way, did I mention I missed it by two hands. I think I have played this app every day for over a year. I know the importance of completing each day on the calendars. That I could not finish day 18 was beyond my control. I have read in the past you could miss 2 days and still get the ultra spin. This seems unfair.

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Yeah, I think a bit of good will would be nice here. I almost had the same problem, but I had the ability to use my partner's phone to download the app and link my GoP account.  If TREX did complete every day apart from 18 and partake to almost completion, then it shows they are a committed player and it's players like TREX that keep GoP populated and interesting for new players. 

At the very least, offer TREX a unique discount for an Ultra Spin, so they get 99.5% off or something...

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