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With the now increasing number of Chests as source of some bit of chips, I think it's the best time to improve our gifting of daily chips function. We all need an option to SEND CHIPS TO ALL FRIENDS at once. We can't be scrolling and clicking one at a time. Also, pump the chips we can send. Up to 10k. Just suggesting.


Thanks in advance.

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Unlikely on the $10k chips. However, as someone who plays on a non-touchscreen device (i.e. my laptop, via Steam), the design is clearly aimed at people who are playing on phones i.e. it's pretty easy to scroll and tap, which I did do on a calendar day I couldn't access the internet via my laptop. It would be nice to just have a "SEND ALL" feature, as I don't always bother to send chips (and I like to doing so, it's just tiresome). 


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