Bug- cannot buy Supreme Love Chest


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I cannot purchase the Supreme Love Chest.  I keep pushing on the button and it will not engage.  I once in a while get the Super Love Chest as an offer in the shop, but I do not want that.  I have tried a Windows 11 machine, a Windows 10 machine and a Windows Vista machine and none of them work.  I have e-mailed the support address and have not heard from them.  Interestingly, the Supreme Chest came back as a offer after disappearing when the offer expired after 1 hour.

I still cannot purchase the chest.  The store works for other things, because I purchase a piggy token.  It is just the YOUR DEALS choices do not work.  Also, it looks like I am not able to play with friends at the tables.  This is fine with me, because I have risen 4 levels because of all the cheaters are not able to cheat.  GOP should get rid of the friends at the table option.  The Killer Bees are a well known team for colluding at the poker tables.

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Howdy, we are sorry to hear you are experienced issues with the Supreme Love Chest. If it happens again, please contact directly to our support team at support@governorofpoker.com giving them all the information possible so they can review it. They will be able assist you.

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