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Last hand,

(And I'm talking about Blackjack)

Lost three, won one, tied one, lost four, and I could go on and on and on and on,

Like lose six in a row, win two, lose eight in a row, (twelve is my record) Win three in a row, (Which is rare) Tie for nine, lose for six, win for two,

There is nothing "random" about this website.

For example, I think the highest win for a bronze ticket is one mil, how many of you have won that? I GUARANTEE, NONE of you have, if you say you have, you're a troll just trying to get a reaction.

Another example, how many of you play the Spin & Play and spin the minimum like six times in a row,

Let me show you, I play the 1 mil Spin & Play and this is how it goes,

2 mil six or seven times in a row, 4 mil once, 2 mil another five times, 6 mil once, 2 mil another four times, 4 mil once, 2 mil five times.

I have played this game for seven years, SEVEN YEARS, and I've played for 25 mil twice, ONLY TWICE.

In another words, how many of you have played the lowest but spun the highest? NONE OF YOU HAVE.

DO NOT waste your money on this game, I have, a few times, and finally realized if I just keep playing I'll eventually get my money back, FOR FREE, JUST BY PLAYING.

The higher hand you play, the more times you will lose.



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