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What I would like is a way to see when a "friend" has last logged in.  What would be ideal is a feature like in the team section where it says when they last logged on.  I have friends that I do not know if they have stopped playing.  Their profile has not changed in 10 months or more.  I have been giving them 100 chips per day.  If they are on my team, I can see there if they are inactive and can unfriend them or just not give them the 100 chips. 

What helps is the "hearts" profile features from the "gifts" at the table.  If they have no hearts inventoried in their profile at this time, I assume that they are inactive and I have been unfriending them.  If you add features like this, it can help people to tell if their "friends" are inactive.

Thanks for implementing this section.

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The added feature of gifting everyone at once and accepting gifts from everyone at once, really helped in getting people to give.  It made it much faster for me to give.  Now, I spend more time making spread sheets to figure out who is active by tracking money and hearts for players.  This game gets easier and easier to use.  The only thing is that the tables get harder and harder to win hands as the players get better.  Royal Poker, the players did not know what they were doing, so I was able to win points.  Now, I get cleaned out one out of 4 times I go all in.  Thank you for making this a great place to play against challenging opponents.  Also, the team challenge is great, because it makes people work together.

Thank you for providing this site and for the continued work on it to make it interesting to log on each day.


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