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Hi @Ines, if they're a Christmas calendar this year, can  I suggest you one idea ? First of all, a great thank you to GoP 3 Team to give us these calendars during the year 2018. I think fidelity must be rewarded. So for Governors who get all the day of all the calendar this year (Easter, Football world cup, Summer, Halloween and Christmas calendars), will there be a special reward added with the Ultra Spin? This special reward could be chips and the level could could serve to reward people. For example, governors until level 49, who claims all days in all calendars this year, they will get 50 millions chips. For governors above level 50, the will get 100 millions chips.

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Hello @Stefan GoP, I am not convinced by the arguments that you make but I can understand your will to avoid the complaints of the players. But, the functioning of the Halloween calendar must be banned because the chests are too random. (and as you do not want to communicate the odds of winning the Jackpot, all this is not very transparent). To restore the principle of equality that existed in previous calendars, would it be possible to return to identical rewards for those who perform the Christmas calendar missions? All players will not have the same rewards on the same day. But at the end of the calendar everyone will have received the same rewards.

There is a solution for those who have completed all the calendars: it is to reward only those who have accomplished every day without missing any. And no exception will be admitted nor any claim. (even in case of maintenance or server problem). This is a tough rule but it is easy to apply if you want to reward the most loyal players. What do you think?

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