Inappropriate Photos of Players

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I have been seeing more and more inappropriate photos for player photos.  One is a picture of a topless woman laughing at a nude male, though you can only see his thigh.  Another that gets me upset is a guy that looks like Lee Ermey shouting and flipping the bird at the camera.  Another is two nude guys separated by a rubber dildo.  Another is a guy that appears nude from his crouch up with what looks like his junk (male sex organ) hanging out for all to admire. 

I have to admit that I am friends with the topless woman...  The only photo that really, really gets me upset is the Lee Ermey photo, because the guy has been disagreeable jerk in the past.  I have reported him for foul language and harrassment and he seems to be behaving better. 

If other people find these photos offensive, there should be a way to report them.  I see report Nickname, report SPAM, report Foul Language, report Harrassment, but no report offensive photo.

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