any mac users using Brave? Need help.

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So I was playing on Opera.  (On a big imac.) Safari doesn't work, game simply won't load.  Same for firefox.   So the only thing I used Opera for was this game.   Until one of their latest auto updates fouled it up.  Every time I launch I get a notice I didn't quit the right way.  BS.  I tried a few things to fix that but nope.  It's crap.    So I installed Brave.   

BUT....   At least Opera would remember stuff I set IN the game.  And here is the problem

Brave will not.


So every single time I go to this game, I have to enter my age, agree to terms, go to settings and shut OFF THE DUMB SOUND.  Then everything I go into I have to click the got it.... like I am a first time player.

It's getting really annoying.

I thought perhaps cookies were not being allowed?  Today I found cookies, and sure enough it wasn't allowing them.  So I reset that, but it did nothing.   It is saving my password but nothing else.

So any mac users out there with Brave?   HOW do I get this dumb thing to save my settings?

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Howdy ARTMAKERJEN, we are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with GOP3 please contact directly to our support team at giving them all the information possible (device, version, etc) so they can review it.

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