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Hello everyone,
I cannot login to the app using Facebook. It sais that the app is in testing modus and requires me to be a registered member or I should ask permission to a game developer.
Anyone know what to do about this, all my money is in this account and I need/want to play.

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Same here. My short cut is gone. That was thru Facebook.  Face book  shows     "The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed" .  My tablet and phone are apps thur Youda. Says facebook app not set up. Still in development mode


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Hi all. 

Members of my team are having a login issue with the app. Some were able to get around it logging in with their google account email and pass.

Message: "App still not set up. This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions."

Any suggestions please why this is happening today and how to get past it?

Thanks. Daanco.

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Hi. I have also posted to the forum here:

My team are currently also in discussion and actively working to solve the issue.

A few of us inc myself were able to regain access with our google accounts logins. This app requiresa google account to play and since the error mentioned "permission" iv been poking around in Settings / App / Gop3 on my android device.


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Hallo, ich kann mich wieder einloggen , aber sobald ich einen Tisch auswähle ,kommt der Satz "Daten werden synchronisiert" und das Spiel hängt sich beim neu laden auf. 

Ich habe sowohl Google als auch Facebook Konto angemeldet . 

Auf diesem Weg habe ich seit gestern meine Sponsoren und jedesmal die Doppler-Time verpasst ...  

Bitte gebt Bescheid , wenn es wieder reibungslos läuft. 

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Hi guys! Sorry for the late answer.

We are aware of the issues with logging in to the game with Facebook and the problem should be fixed by now. Sorry about that.

Please contact support if you still have issues logging in with Facebook. Thanks for your understanding! 


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