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Hi guys, we have turned the private tables off until further notice. We love the game to be as social as possible and this is the case when everyone plays in the same public saloons.

The new private chat feature is a great way to have new social interactions with your friends and teammates. So don't play alone and join everyone at the tables! :D 

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Hi Ines

I can follow your argument and also the ones in other forums about the cheating of one player with several accounts. 

But there were also some other social aspects about privat tables. Specially now, that with the new points system the “All-In mania before the fold” is getting out of controll. But I don’t want to talk about this.

Sometimes it is really hard to get to table with one friend. To do this with for example 4 people…all most not possible. So a social game with some friends need a lot of energy, time and clicking; even when you send an invitation to the friends.

The privat chat is really great feature; thank you for that. But the privat table was very good to discuss something with 2 or 3 people, that you don’t want to discuss with the whole team; for example the team rules. This is now very complicated. 

Another very social aspect is helping friends. If somebody got in trouble with the chips, it was possible to help him on a privat table. For me this was not cheating nor illegal. Just a social help for a friend. The daily 100 chips is a nice sign but not really a help. This could also be solved with possible gifts like a spin.

While my research about privat tables I found out, that it is possible to play on several tables in the same moment. I was reading about someone playing on 4 tables parallel. This for me is very unsocial. For sure others on this tables have to wait and this person is not able for any communication with the others.

Thanks for checking this points. Maybe there will be a comeback of the privat tables. It would be no problem, if the winning is without getting any points (leadership/team etc.). Would be a relaxing time during Challenge-off-saison!

Best regards

Ostap Bender

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