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All of my team is having this problem.


We'd usually have 1000+ponts by now, but we only have 30, despite many wins all around. (we're scrambling to figure out who got those 30 and how.) I personally won twice in Kings Crown -- got the chips but no points!

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I did put in a ticket for this.  Hopefully they will correct it soon.  It seems like it worked for a brief moment and then broke.  Thus the small amount of points.  You can see who made those points by clicking on the team profile button.  The points are listed in a blue box next to the player's name.


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Hi guys, sorry for the late answer.

We are sorry for the issues regarding team points yesterday between 9 pm and 10.30pm (CET). The team has fixed it and given 3x 60 Min XP Tokens, to compensate for any missed points, to all affected players. 

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Hi @Ines, have you  really think twice befoere setting this last update of points team. Mainly for heads-up challenge. An example: i won 12 hands and then i lost 3 hands. Do you found this fair i got only 3 team points as reward. By doing this, you mainly ssupport bingo players at heads-up area. They go all in with every hand. This system of point is crazy. Now, i got less points and less in heads-up. But, your update say totally the opposite. I have never see that in all heads-up game i played. The main purpose of this update is to force us to play at chrsitmas spin & play. Too many changes, nonsense update who support bingo player. Your society may won more money but the number of player is on the wane. Am i wrong?


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